Marks specialises in the language of brands and has always had a multidisciplinary approach, from focusing on analysis to artistic director and from strategy to photography.


While the communications sector is moving at a very fast pace, Marks’s main goal has not changed since its creation: to place the customer at the heart of the service strategy. The latter is key when it comes to the agency’s creative approach. Marks has won multiple international awards since 2012, however the agency’s true strength lies in its clients’ trust whatever its structure or positioning; these include global companies, local SMEs, industry, the luxury sector, hospitals and food trucks. The portfolio of needs is high and to respond, the agency has spread its expertise over a large range of services including branding or re-branding, digital and print communications strategies, creative direction and photography. This diversity reflects Marks’s overall philosophy: every customer is unique and every project is to be tackled in its entirety. As David Zahno, the co-founder of Marks, points out: “When we are talking of communications strategies, every detail becomes strategic and the quality of execution is the main goal that we should be focusing on.”.

The mission is not tackled as an exclusive area, rather as an opening to all strategic routes, explored with the client, stage by stage. An art direction can find its place only when it is embedded and rolled out at the same time the brand’s tone and language is established.


Marks offers a catalog of services completely in line with the big trends in communication, particularly digital, and they are more often linked to marketing and branding. Marks’s sole objective is to understand clients’ real needs and to ensure the client’s unique tone and stamp is embedded in the communications strategy including events marketing. The vector of success relies just as much on the process as on the execution. All business starts with contextualising, this consists of a deep analysis of the client’s needs, in order to obtain a complete vision, a snapshot, which will form the backbone of the strategy from conceptualisation up to its execution. The mission is not tackled as an exclusive area, but as an opening to all the strategic routes, explored with the client, stage by stage. An art direction can find its place only when it is embedded and rolled out at the same time the brand’s tone and language is established.

  • Advertising
  • Art Direction
  • Branding
  • Copywriting
  • Editorial
  • Environmental
  • Event Design
  • Exhibition
  • Film
  • Illustration
  • Naming
  • Motion Design
  • Packaging
  • Print
  • Private Collection
  • Signage
  • Social Media
  • Sound Design
  • Strategy
  • Writing
  • Website

Marks has won several international awards since 2012, but its highest distinction remains the confidence of its clientele.


AMI International
Andersen Geneva
Atelier d’Architecture 3BM3
Bordier 1844 Bank
Mirabaud Bank
Beau Rivage Geneva
Best for Geneva
Boegli Gravures
Cabinet d’arts graphiques
Commco Ltd
Courvoisier Attinger
Neva Foundation
Otium Foundation
Georg Fischer
GF Machining Solutions
Hermès International
Hôpital de La Tour
InterContinental Geneva
JP Morgan Private Bank
Le Temps
Lorenz Boegli
Musée d’art et d’histoire
Rendez-vous des créateurs
République et canton de Genève
Sans Commune Mesure
Sonderegger AG
TAG Heuer
Théâtre du Léman
Vacheron Constantin
Ville de Carouge
Win With Eular
Yaroq Ltd

The office functions as a hub built on six pillars, six internal experts overseeing all essential key components of communication, around which gravitates a well-established network of professionals.


The communication lines are as vast as the brands’ strategies. Ever since its creation, Marks’s main job has been to operate in a transversal way, without focusing exclusively on one client type. Indeed, Marks has managed to develop – after working on numerous projects – cross-disciplinary expertise and can thus build up a catalog of offerings, each project strengthening the next. The skillsets available enable us to tap into all types of different industries and sectors; from high end watch brands to medical campaigns, from secure printing to cultural campaigns, from startup to multinational campaigns, from a city’s constructed image to the one we see in real estate.

In order to respond to this 360-degree approach, all services have been integrated. The office functions like a hub. A hub built on seven pillars, seven experts internally covering all the essential key components of communication, each bringing to the table their creative ideas, art direction, visual strategy, photography, around which gravitates a well-established network of professionals.

David Zahno
Creative director, founder

David Zahno is the founder of Marks and was destined early on to become an artistic director. He gained skills from private banking, at JP Morgan Chase and then worked freelance before setting up his own company: Marks. His sole objective: to offer the same level of creativity as the large agencies without losing the direct approach with clients.

“Marks is a reservoir of creativity. A platform that is constantly evolving, in tune with current trends: evermore digital and strategic.”

Ilona Jonuskaite
Project manager, visual artist

Ilona Jonuskaite is used to managing projects from conception to delivery and managing international client relationships. After having studied Fine Arts in Lithuania, she pivoted to Communications sector and learned how to manage projects. Her choice of working with Marks was due to two essential motivations: a well-established profile and a structure in which talents within the business were able to have a voice and express themselves.

“Marks doesn’t sell services but rather sells a feeling, an experience. Their work is owed to the team’s image: artistic, innovative and powerful.”

Albert Petracca
Associate, photographer

The photographer Albert Petracca discovered his love for pictures while studying science, more than 20 years ago and he has not left his studio since. From reporting to fashion, from fashion to jewellery, from jewellery to watch-making. In a constant struggle to contextualise all luxurious items placed in front of him. He only has one goal in mind: quality.

“Marks goes well and above the usual competencies expected. It’s not about selling a beautiful image, but rather to translate a feeling or an atmosphere.”

Stéphane Gachet
Strategist, copywriter

Stéphane Gachet has been an art historian and journalist for nearly 20 years and always a master of words. After spending over ten years at the daily newspaper, l’Agefi, he is resuming an independent path and with a friend taking over a publication focusing on the watch industry – Watch Around. At the same time, he is doing some marketing and communication and has discovered Marks, where he has found everything he was looking for: creativity, interaction and mutual collaboration.

“Marks is living proof of agility: each mandate is analysed in-depth and every proposal is made to measure.” Marks in three words?

Diana Scarbonchi-Zahno
Project manager

Diana Zahno has a very versatile set of skills. This is due to her vast skillset including her administrative experience, sales and training experience, experience working as an assistant director, human resources, events and project management. She spent 14 years working at Nespresso and started her own jewellery brand before joining Marks where she excels in all her abilities and skills.

“Marks is a tailored communications producer. With a particular expertise in the art of choosing the right talent with the right skillset for the job.”

Albert S. Rivera
Graphic and motion designer

Albert Rivera is a member of artistic direction, graphic designer, typographer and sound designer. He joined Marks after his studies in arts and he’s been there ever since. He found there an ideal structure to express his potential, both in work ethic and artistically, and his current and future practice.

“Marks is more than a services platform, it’s a culture. A culture built on a demanding principal: to never rest on its laurels.”

We create a communications environment that matches each customer’s vision and is as unique and personal as a signature.

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