Parmigiani Metro

After having designed a complete visual strategy for the Metro line, Parmigiani commissioned us to communicate an event: the "Elysée Prize", of which Parmigiani is the exclusive partner, with a photo contest on the theme of the metropolis. The goal was to reach a targeted audience: young, urban and cosmopolitan. The classic press kit communication campaign resonated with the world tour of award-winning photographic works, and each presentation has been reinforced by the participation of the most influential bloggers from every region of the world. Result of first posting: 3.5 k in three minutes. That year, the Metro line ranked best seller.
Parmigiani and "Prix Elysée" hope to reaffirm their founding values and the partnership which will enable it to promote them when it launches its Metro collection – a modern, urban collection to be presented alongside images of cities produced by Vincent Jendly and Pablo Zuleta, photographers affialiated with the Musée de lElysée.

Photo credits: 270 W 6th Avenue ©Vincent Jendly, 1201 Avenue of the Americas I 2009 ©Vincent Jendly, Wonen in red (from the Serie Baquedano 2008) ©Pablo Zuleta Zahr, lifestyle ©ph Meschina, Tonda products Métropolitaine ©Albert Petracca by Marks.